There are always more options

You still have to retire for a couple of years, but don't you want to rest waiting? Wait until your time comes and the classic entitlement to retire is only one option. As with many other things, there are more possibilities. The most interesting thing about this area is early retirement. Indeed, the possibility of an earlier departure here is, but you must count on the fact that it is a special type of rest, and therefore you have to sacrifice something for him. Of course you will get unlimited free time and rest, but also lose some of your regular income.
Is this the best for you?
The amount that will be charged to you is calculated individually and is a fee for you to stop working before it is normal. You can reliably find it with us. Since everyone is different, the earlier departure is paid to someone and not to someone, because the amount can be quite high. But this does not apply to everyone. Find out how you're doing.

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