The Payment Processing Situation for CBD Companies is Starting to Improve

The number of businesses that sell cannabidiol oil and related products has increased markedly in recent years. Unfortunately, many of these companies have historically struggled with issues that do not trouble businesses of most other kinds.

That is starting to change thanks to service providers and others recognizing that something needed to be done. An increasing number of companies now offer CBD Payment Processing solutions that make sense for businesses of various kinds. A quick look at some of the most prominent will reveal that the situation is becoming a lot more supportive for CBD businesses.

An Ambiguous Legal Situation is Slowly Giving Way to Clarity

The issue that has so far made financial services for CBD businesses so hard to come by is simply that the substance can be derived from either marijuana or its close relative hemp. That fact has inclined many banks and other financial institutions to adopt a standoffish stance with regard to the substance and businesses that sell it.

While the legal situation has yet to be clarified as completely as might be hoped, there is still no reason to consider CBD itself illicit. As a result, an increasing number of companies have become committed to enabling payment processing for businesses that sell CBD products.

Leaders in the Field of Processing CBD Payments are Making Real Progress

The best of these service providers are amassing impressive records of providing exactly the kinds of support CBD companies need the most. Two of the most highly regarded at the moment are:

  • PaymentCloud. With nearly a decade of success behind it, California-based PaymentCloud has become a mainstay of CBD businesses. Although the company does not claim to be able to set up merchant accounts for every such customer, its record implies some fairly high odds.
  • Easy Pay Direct. Serving both low-risk, conventional businesses and others like CBD companies, Easy Pay Direct has provided welcome support to many in the latter group who failed to find elsewhere. The EPD Gateway is easy to use and affordable enough for just about any company to justify.

Service providers like these are now making it possible for many CBD businesses to accept and process payment cards. With others being nearly as well known and established, the number of available options is steadily increasing.

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