Problems of interpersonal relations

Because of the menopause, many women have experienced one big martyrium. Not only did they have to fight health and psychological problems, they also had to fight in the field of interpersonal relations. This is the period when a woman often gets into an argument. Previously unconflicted women argue at once in the workplace, do not bear with their friends and what is more, they often argue with their own children and husband. It may not be surprising when a husband is approaching a younger woman in such a period.
Do not styate yourself in the role of sacrifice
The problem is when a woman stylizes into the role of sacrifice and does not realise that it is she who corrupts the life of herself and the others around at least his miserable mood.  It is important for a woman to be so so-called in the well-being and to stop tormenting her behaviour all around. It's her responsibility.

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