Lots of light and air

If you have already begun building an attic or are just going to them, you will surely have a solution to ensure a sufficient amount of natural light in all the built rooms, as well as effective ventilation both in winter and during summer heat . These are very important things that sometimes need to be subject to the spatial solution of the building.
Light, heat, air
All this is needed in the attic well secured and reliably treated. The light is best suited to suitably placed roof windows. Paradoxically, they are also an important factor in the other two requirements. Of course you will ventilate them. In summer and winter. Therefore, accessories such as blinds, shutters, mosquito nets and the like are also necessary. This helps To simultaneously and solve the heat in the room. As in winter, when we need to keep the heat inside, also in the summer, when we do not want to let it in.

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