There was quite a lot of it written about the Prague waste disposal. We just read in a local slice today, it's one of the best companies and what she's done. But some poisonous language also allowed to break into the boxes of leaflets with information that everything was different and quite the opposite. The local but the sciences who and why they spread this lie and so they gave the beloved Jarda a nice ear. They scattered the leaflets with the photos, throwing the llive leaflets into the boxes. He had a coat from the shame.
If you smell waste, it's incredibly nasty. We couldn't stand it anymore, and they had to complain about one of the neighbors who might have done it. One could not sit in the garden in the summer without having to drink a lot of chemicals to his body. The representatives of the city came, rebued and drew attention to a possible penalty, if everything will be repeated next time. And that's what ended…

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