Accommodation for demanding customers

With accommodation Kolín You do not have to worry that you will not be satisfied with your demands on the hotel or guesthouse. We offer both standard furnished rooms and one truly tastefully furnished suite. It is sought especially by lovers and newborns who have all their great wedding day lived in our premises. There is, among other things, a luxurious corner bath, which is more than suitable for romantic moments in two.
Securing weddings from A to Z
With accommodation Kolín your wedding will be absolutely perfect. We have our experience with organizing weddings, so we will advise you and get everything you wish. We will help you with the compilation of the wedding menu, we will advise on the pattern of wedding announcements, arrange a wedding feast including decoration. If you wish, we will also arrange for a vischist and hairdresser for the bride, witness, bridesmaids, or other candidates from the ranks of the Weddingans. Living Music is a matter of course.

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